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All new players (U7-Seniors) are provided with a club jersey to wear for the season which will be distributed via coaches/managers. Each player needs to purchase shinguards (mandatory) Umbro socks and plain white shorts. These are available from the Merchandise Shop . Players should wear football boots – no metal studs. There is a limited supply of second hand boots for a monetary donation to the club throughout the season.

Player Age Groups and Registration

For details on how to register visit our Registration page.

A player’s true age group is most simply understood with reference to the birthday reached during the playing year.  A player turning 11 during the current calendar year is an Under 11, one turning 13 is an Under 13, etc.

Dispensation may be granted to play up a year above one’s true age group. This is most often the case for someone to play in the same team as his or her school year group.  Contact the age coordinator to discuss the issue if you would like your child to play up an age group.

Girls playing in mixed-teams may also play one age group younger than their true age group.

No child is allowed to play without being registered – Belsouth Football Club will not accept any responsibility for these children as they are not insured.  It isn’t enough to have completed registration through FFA – My Football Club, the player must have paid registration fees (or entered into an arrangement with the Treasurer).

Belsouth and the FFA endorse the Play by the Rules initiative.  For more information see the play by the rules resources.