Mixed Under 7 matches are played against other Belsouth teams at Hawker. All other U8 and U9 matches are played against other Northside teams. Games are played according to the FFA Laws with rule modifications. Games use size 3 balls.


  Under 7  Under 8  Under 9
Kick-Off Time 8.50 9:40 10:35
Player Numbers 4 v 4 7 v 7 (min 5) 7 v 7 (min 5)
Goalkeeper No Yes Yes
Field Size 30m x 20m 40m x 30m 40m x 30m
Game Duration(Half Time) 2 x 15 min. (5)  2 x 20 min. (5) 2 x 20 min. (5)
Goal Area /Penalty Area  No goal area or penalty area No goal area or penalty area Rectangular area marked by lines or cones – 8m from the goal line & 16 m across.


Field Setup

The Murranji St storeroom – where the mini goal posts, cones and corner flags are stored – will be open by 8:15 am each Saturday to allow access to the equipment.

Allow about 20 minutes to set up (“dress”) a field. Please ensure two people handle the PVC poles etc as the connections can be brittle and do break. Children should not carry the spikes or flags.

All teams should check the noticeboard each Saturday to see whether they need to dress and/or undress their fields. Mixed Under 7 teams always need to dress their fields as they play first every time.

Under 7 Mixed: set up cones and mini goals (2 sets of 2 x 1.5 metre uprights and one 1.5 metre cross bar).

Mixed Under 8 and Under 9: game uses two sets of goals that are kept in the bags and put out to the right of the Canteen each Saturday morning.

Cancelled / Abandoned Matches

Games for U7-U9 are non-competitive games and as such if they are cancelled due to ground or weather conditions they are not replayed.