Coaches and Managers Roles

The following information summaries the roles of Coaches and Managers at Belsouth. In you have any questions or need more information please ask a Committee Member.

Ground Bookings

Each team should book a training time and location with the Club Ground Bookings officer.  Where lights are available, they will be automatically switched on for used fields during the darker parts of the season. Please advise if you will not need your field, so that lights are not unnecessarily used.

Please see the club contact page for Ground Bookings if you need to change your training field use during the season including if you will not be using the ground at any time (other than school holidays).

 Playing Strip

The club provides shirts for each player on loan. The shirts may be collected after each game, washed and returned for the following game on a roster basis, or each player may be responsible for their own shirt.

Before distributing shirts to the team, record the shirt number (on the back or the label) and the name of the player receiving it. A sheet is provided to managers to record the shirt numbers. Please ensure all players wear the Belsouth strip, i.e. white shorts and sky blue socks (socks are only available at the Belsouth canteen). The shirts are only to be used for matches and are not to be worn for training or other purposes, during the week. 

Where a clash of colours occurs, the home team must change its shirt. An alternative strip is available in the store room and can be picked up on the way to the playing field. The Manager is responsible for the return of all team shirts, washed, at the end of the season. This must be done on, or before, presentation day. Managers should ensure players leaving through the season return their shirt to them.

Teams receiving premiership or runner-up medals at the season end may keep their shirts to wear at the Capital Football Presentation and then return the complete set to the Belsouth equipment coordinator.

Match Ball

Each team will receive a match ball which should be kept for exclusive use in the Saturday games. The Coach or Manager is to retain the match ball, supply it for each match and collect it immediately after the match.

Training Equipment

Each team is provided with balls, cones and bibs for use at training. All balls should be marked “Belsouth”. The Manager should ensure all balls are returned to the equipment coordinator at the end of the season. This should be done no later than Presentation Day.

Please also ensure the bag provided with the balls and cones is also returned. All these items are costly and are re-used in subsequent seasons. Your assistance will help keep Belsouth registration fees low.

Training Supervision

Teams coached by non-adults must have at least one adult present at all times to assist with the supervision of children and, in the event of an accident, to provide transport etc. It is also often of benefit to coaches to have an extra parent at training. A roster of parents could be developed for this purpose.

Encouragement Awards

Encouragement Award certificates may be issued to each Manager and should be awarded to each registered player during the season. An easy way of ensuring every player gets one, is for the manager to put player names on the certificates at the start of the season, adding the date or comment when they are actually awarded. It often works well to have the Coach present the certificate on game day along with some encouraging comments.

 Notices and Email

While email will be used extensively by your Vice President and/or Age Coordinator, the Manager should check the notice board near the Murranji Street canteen at every Hawker game. Remember to also check the homepage of this website for notices.

 Use of email or SMS for communication

Email and SMS should be used for communicating administrative information to parents (training, draw, rosters, etc) and not for commenting on team or player performance. Ensure you have parents’ email addresses and mobile phone numbers that are relatively frequently checked, but do not expect parents to check their email in time for urgent matters.  Refrain from using email or SMS to communicate with players younger than 16, unless the player is communicating inability to attend training or a game. Confirm whether the email addresses and mobile phone numbers in your team list belong to a parent or player.