Respect for officials

Respect for officials, opposing players and others, sets a good example for children.  Abuse of referees will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Players should be taught to accept his/her decision by the example of coaches, managers and parents. Many of our referees are young and their experience varies and they would benefit from encouragement.

Zero Tolerance Policy – Swearing

The FIFA laws provide for a red card (ie a player is sent off) for the use of “offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gestures” and this remains the case where the swearing is directed at another person.  Where the player swears at themselves the referee would normally issue them a yellow card.

Words a “normal person” would consider to be swearing will be penalised.  Racial, religious and sexual slurs should be considered as abusive language and punished under existing offences.

Behaviour of spectators

The Belsouth Committee is held responsible for the behaviour of spectators. Should any spectator become abusive or act in a manner not consistent with the spectators’ Code of Behaviour, it would be appreciated if, in the absence of a Committee member, Managers or Coaches could speak to that spectator.  It is stressed that the games are played for the enjoyment of the players and that the focus should be on players’ efforts and performance, not on the result.

All due care must be shown for the safety of players and spectators. Coaches and Managers are requested to ensure spectators remain 1-2 metres back from the field perimeter and out of the way of assistant referees.

The area behind goals should also remain clear both to reduce the distraction to players and for safety reasons.

Please report any notable incidents (e.g. that may be the subject of a referee’s report or a protest by another club, or about which you feel Belsouth should protest over) to a Committee member as soon as possible.

No Dogs

Under ACT law, dogs are not allowed anywhere on or around the fields during the normal duration of the Saturday games or during practice sessions. Managers can assist by asking a spectator to remove their dog from the ground.

Non-Smoking Policy

Belsouth encourages a smoke free environment noting, in particular, the role models Coaches and Managers represent.