Welcome to the Winter Season 2020


Open Letter from Capital Football 15 May 2020Link to Letter


Before contacting the Registrar please read the website, links are to the left of page and Age groups at the top of the website and if you need information on how to register please see link below, the answer might be just a click away. If you do not find the information you are looking for please contact Registrar at registrar@belsouthfootball.club.


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You will need to register as soon as possible after the opening of registration to ensure a place.

To work out the correct player’s true age group, if a player turning 7 during the current calendar year they are an Under 7, turning 14 they are an Under 14, etc. Please note that some age groups you may need to play up a year due to there no competitions for that age group.


Boys and Girls Comp

Peewee Information

Peewees have unlimited spots

Age Group
Year of birth
Peewees 2014 & 2015 $125 Open

MiniRoos U7 – U9 Information

U7 Mixed 2013 $175 Open
U8 Mixed 2012 $175 Open
U9 Mixed 2011 $175 Open

Girls Comp

MiniRoos Girls Information

U6-7 Girls 2013 & 2014 $175 Open
U8-9 Girls 2011 & 2012 $175 Open


Belsouth conducts grading sessions for all players interested in playing Division 1 or 2 in U10s to U18s in the winter season.

Is the selection process compulsory?
No. While Belsouth encourages all players to take part in the team grading process, it is not compulsory. However, if players cannot attend grading, and do not let the club know in advance, they will NOT be considered for a place in Division 1 or 2 team.

– Players must be registered with the Club before attending grading
– Players are expected to attend every grading session for their age group.

All Grading information: http://belsouthfootball.club/grading/

Mixed / Open (Boys and Girls) Comp

Juniors U10 – U18 Information

Age Group Year of birth Fees Status
U10 Mixed 2010 $195 Closed
U11 Mixed 2009 $195 Closed
U12 Open 2008 $195 Closed
U13 Open 2007 $195 Closed
U14 Open 2006 $195 Closed
U15 Open 2005 $195 Closed
U16 Open 2004 $195 Closed
U18 Open 2002 & 2003 $195 Closed

Girls Comp

Girls U10 – U18 Information

U10 Girls 2010 $195 Closed
U11 Girls 2009 $195 Closing Soon
U12 Girls 2008 $195 Closing Soon
U14 Girls 2006 & 2007 $195 Closing Soon
U16 Girls 2004 & 2005 $195 Closed
U18 Girls 2002 & 2003 $195 Waitlist



Senior Mens Information





Senior Womens Information





* We also offer a discounted fee for players transitioning from juniors (U18s) to senior Men or Women.  You are welcome to email the President.

* Belsouth offers a Family fee reduction.  This applies when three or more children per Family are registered in any age group.  To claim the Family fee, you can either choose the Family Discount when registering or by emailing our Treasurer to make arrangements.

* For more information on club registration fees see the Rego Fees Policy