New registration platform in 2019!

Instead of using your FFA number to access the registration system, you will now need a Football account. If you do not already have one you can create one very easily using your email address, Facebook login or Google login. Even if your club hasn’t opened registrations yet, you can still start the process now!

Important Information if you were registered on MyFootballClub
FFA has migrated all current and previous registrations to the new system. If you have registered before you will be able to claim profiles from MyFootballClub provided you use the same email address to sign up.

To find all the information on PlayFootball please go to Registration Play Football

Minimise duplicates by ensuring participants claim their history
Make sure you claim your existing profile

  • When you register on the new system you need to claim your existing profiles from MyFootballClub. An example of the claiming screen is shown below:
Use the same email address you used on MyFootballClub to create your football account

  • The key to this process is your Football Account which we will use to lookup matches for you.
  • You will not be able to claim your participant history if your email address or social login does not match the email address used for registrations on the old MyFootballClub.
  • Please ensure the Football Account is created in your name not the name of your child or dependant. Once you have created your Football Account you will be able to register any child or dependant.

A video on How to Link your kid’s Football Accounts to the Parents accounts: Link Football Accounts

Registering instructions: How to register instructions

Already know how to register: Log In

If you are having any issues with PlayFootball please Contact PlayFootball Support:




 02 8880 7983

Monday-Friday 10am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 2pm

2019 Registration fees are: 

A player’s true age group is most simply understood with reference to the birthday reached during the playing year.  A player turning 7 during the current calendar year is an Under 7, one turning 14 is an Under 14, etc.

Age Group Year of birth Fees Status
Peewees 2013 & 2014 $125 Open
U6-7 Girls 2012 & 2013 $175 Please email Registrar
U7 Mixed 2012 $175 Closed
U8 Mixed 2011 $175 Closed
U8-9 Girls 2010 & 2011 $175 Closed
U9 Mixed 2010 $175 Waitlist – various spots left
U10 Mixed 2009 $195 Open
U10 Girls 2009 $195 Closing soon
U11 Mixed 2008 $195 Closing Soon
U11 Girls 2008 $195 Closing Soon
U12 Open 2007 $195 Closed
U12 Girls 2007 $195 Closed
U13 Open 2006 $195 Closed
U13 Girls 2006 $195 Closed
U14 Open 2005 $195 Closed
U14 Girls 2005 $195 Closed
U15 Open 2004 $195 Please email Registrar
U16 Girls 2003 and 2004 $195 Closed
U16 Open 2003 $195 Closed
U18 Open 2001 and 2002 $195 Closed
U18 Girls 2001 and 2002 $195 Closed
Men † Open age $390 Closed
Women † Open age $390 Closing Soon

You will need to register as soon as possible after the opening of registration to ensure a place.

* Before contacting the Registrar please read the website links are to the left of page and Age groups at the top of the website, the answer might be just a click away. If you do not find the information you are looking for please contact Registrar at

* To find all the information on Play Football please go to Registration Play Football

* Straight to Registering: How to register instructions

* We also offer a discounted fee for players transitioning from juniors (U18s) to senior Men or Women.  You are welcome to email the President.

* Belsouth offers a Family fee reduction.  This applies when three or more children per Family are registered in any age group.  To claim the Family fee, you can either choose the Family Discount when registering or by emailing our Treasurer to make arrangements.

* For more information on club registration fees see the Rego Fees Policy

* For more information on fee payment options see the FAQ on “How can I pay for Registration” below.

Frequently asked questions

  • Regisrations
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  • 1. How do I know which age group my child should play in?

    A player’s true age group is most simply understood with reference to the birthday reached during the playing year. A player turning 11 during the current calendar year is an Under 11, one turning 13 is an Under 13, etc.

    Dispensation may be granted to play up a year above one’s true age group. This is most often the case for someone to play in the same team as his or her school year group. Contact the age coordinator to discuss the issue if you would like your child to play up an age group.

    Girls playing in mixed-teams may also play one age group younger than their true age group.

  • 2. How do I find my FFA number?

    If you have registered your child before 2014 with the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) for any club in Australia, you can use the same FFA number to register with Belsouth. If you have forgotten the number click here to find it.

    If you need to obtain a new number (you have never registered before), you can set up a new FFA account here.

  • 3. How can I pay for registration?


    It is strongly preferred that all Registration Fees are paid by credit card during the online registration process through the Play Football system.

    This method simplifies our processes and saves our volunteers a lot of time.  Any time after registering (but before the 15 April), you can elect to log back into Play Football and pay online by credit card.


  • 4. How do I register as a player?

    All players need to register on - previously known as Instructions are provided on the Play Football website for new players and those re-registering from past years.

    How to Register Instructions

    If you are having any issues with PlayFootball please Contact PlayFootball Support:




     02 8880 7983

    Monday-Friday 9am – 9pm
    Saturday 10am – 3pm


    You will need to register as soon as possible after the opening of registrations to ensure a place; our club often fills all available registrations for any given age group early.

    Late registrations will be accepted subject to availability of places in teams. If required, please email our registrar to enquire about waiting lists or availability.

    Information for new players can be found on the New players page.

More information for new players can also be found on the New Players page.