General Information

Information relevant to this season is contained in the 2018 Belsouth Coaches and Managers Manual.  This document should be the first point of reference for Coaches and Managers.

All team managers, coaches and volunteers must also register through the My Football Club website.

All Coaches and Managers MUST have a current WWVP card.  See our 2017 Belsouth WWVP Guidelines for details.

Belsouth and the FFA endorse the Play by the rules initiative.  For more information see the Play by the Rules resources page.



For information about the role of coaches and managers at Belsouth please see the Coaches and Mangers Roles page.



Football Federation Australia (FFA) have released a National Curriculum.  This curriculum establishes an integrated and consistent approach to the development of players and coaches throughout the country. Included within the National Curriculum are a number of session plans that can either be run as-is, or expanded on by coaches.

To provide coaches with a degree of mobility, the FFA has also released the FFA Coaching Resource site. This site allows coaches to access all the session templates and supporting information through any type of device, be it mobile, tablet or computer.


Other Resources


For Coaching Courses, see the Capital football coaching course information and calendar.

2018 Belsouth Coaches and Managers Manual

2018 Referee fee reimbursement claim form (UPDATED 3 May 2018)

Belsouth Field Maps (2015 update – still current)

Capital Football Facility (grounds) locations.  Note these will be gradually added to this site (including lings to Google Maps) and linked to ‘events’.

Club 2017 Admin Pack