Belsouth Junior Soccer Club now known as Belsouth Football Club is an incorporated club that was formed in 1970. It is affiliated with the Belconnen United Soccer Club (the “senior players’ club”) and benefits from sponsorship from the licensed club, the Belconnen Soccer Club, which has premises at Hawker and McKellar. Belsouth is a full member of the ACT Soccer Federation (“Capital Football”) and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA).

The primary aim of Belsouth Football Club is to ensure that all participants enjoy their football. For Under 10 and up, teams play competitive games (i.e. competition points are registered).

For younger age groups, games are not for competition points. For all age groups, the principal aim is to give children the opportunity to play at a level suited to their individual skills. Consistent with the emphasis on participation and enjoyment, it is Club policy that all players must be given at least half a game on the field.