Every season, Belsouth relies upon its hundreds of volunteers to operate successfully. These volunteers take up many roles such as Coaches, Managers and Committee Members.  To keep the club strong, participating as a Belsouth parent/carer is just as important as your child’s participation. 

Being part of individual Belsouth teams and the wider community is fun. Simply putting your hand up for some of the tasks highlighted below can make a difference between your child enjoying the game or not. 

We know parents and carers are busy people, with hectic lives – however, instead of just dropping off your children at matches (especially the older ones), why not plan to stop and assist with pitch side and match day requirements. Remember, by being part of Belsouth you are also agreeing to assist with the volunteer activities detailed below which can be shared easily amongst all parents/carers.

Spectator support and expectations

Supporting your child’s team can make such a difference to their football experience.  Simply by coming to watch matches, being supportive, can lift the spirits and atmosphere of a game no end.  And please support your team in the right way – check out the spectator code of conduct, to find out what we mean.

Respect for referees and other officials

Players need to be taught to accept the decisions of the referee, and this is achieved by their coaches, managers and parents/carers setting a good example and abiding by the referee’s decision. Belsouth does not tolerate the abuse of referees under any circumstances. 

Many referees are young and their experience varies. Parents/carers need to encourage the referees and thank them. Remember, games can’t go ahead without a referee.

Pitch setup and general team support

Parent/career assistance with set up and break down of pitches, and by running the line when an appointed AR is not available is vital to providing support to your coaches and managers.  It frees them up to concentrate on giving the team the best preparation possible and fulfilling the other necessary match day administration: paying referees, completing match cards and setting up the team, ready to play by the start whistle.

Canteen and BBQ participation

All teams are rostered on for canteen and BBQ duties during the season. Parent/carers’ participation when your team is rostered is a must.  This helps raise funds and keep player costs down. Please volunteer when your Manager asks and don’t expect others to do it.

Transport pooling

Transport pooling may be necessary in getting enough players to away games. Late forfeiting of games, though inadequate numbers, costs the club money!  Your Coaches and Managers would love to know if you can assist in getting players from A to B.  You can even take turns and the kids love it. If you are unable to get your child to a match, have an early word (by email if possible) with your Manager or Coach so they can seek assistance.

Training – not a babysitting service

Training should not be mistaken for being a free babysitting service.  It is important for parents/carers to be available at short notice to collect your child, especially as a change of plans could be unforeseen, due to injury, bad weather or the lights going out on the pitch, etc. 

Pitch side support during training sessions helps coaches provide the most benefit to the most number of players.  Your participation increases your understanding of the game. It can also build your confidence to putting you hand up for these important roles in the future.

Please note: It is mandatory to leave a mobile contact number with your Manager if you are not going to be available 100% of the time with your child.

Coaches, Managers and Committee Members volunteering

Information about these vital roles is contained in the links: Coaches, Managers and Committee Members.  Why not see if you can help especially as they are vital to your team being able to play.  By sharing the load, it makes it easier and more enjoyable for everyone.  http://belsouthfootball.club/coachesandmanagers/coaches-managers-roles/And remember, other Belsouth volunteers and committee members are always available to assist if required.