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Who needs to grade?



Players from u10s to U18s who would like to be considered to play in a Belsouth Division 1 or Division 2 in the 2022 winter season must attend grading sessions in February 2022, see the table below for details.

Players who want to continue down the fun and fitness route by playing with friends in an ungraded team (Division 3) do not need to grade this year, but you still need to register with the club prior to grading dates so we can work out the number of teams we will have for each age group and division.

Players in the u7, u8 and u9 age groups for 2022 do not grade. Players in these age groups will be coordinated into teams according to the school and friendship groups nominated at the time of registration.

Grading Session Details



The Technical Director for Belsouth in 2022 will be running the grading process with assistance from Belsouth coaches.  All Belsouth coaches participating in the grading process have been selected by the Technical Director.

Each age group will have two grading sessions. These sessions will involve a range of drills that allow the grading coaches to assess the skills of players against the core skills identified by Football Federation Australia for each age group.

The player assessments which are completed by the grading coaches will be used by the Belsouth Grading Committee in conjunction with Player Assessment Sheets (completed by coaches at the end of the 2021 season) to assess where a player is best placed within their age group cohort. The Grading Committee strongly encourages players to attend both grading sessions so a fuller picture of a player’s ability can be formed.

To participate in grading sessions, players must have:

  • Before grading day – registered to play with Belsouth for the 2022 season via the Play Football website or Registrations open on Wednesday 26th January 2022.
  • On grading day – attend the registration desk 15 minutes prior to start of the grading session to check off attendance and be given a numbered grading bib.

Schedule and Location of Sessions



Please ensure that you arrive 15 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin, to allow time to check in with the registrar and collect your bib.

Age Group Monday 7th of February  Wednesday 16th February
U10 – G 5pm – 6pm 5pm – 6pm
U10 – O 6.15pm – 7:30pm 6.15pm – 7:30pm

Location: Murranji Street, Hawker


Age Group Wednesday 9th February  Monday 14th February
U11 – G 5pm – 6pm 5pm – 6pm
U11 – O 6.15pm – 7:30pm 6.15pm – 7:30pm

Location: Murranji Street, Hawker


Age Group Saturday 19th February Monday 21st February
U12 – G 8am – 9am 5pm-6pm
U12 – O 9.15am-10am 5pm-6pm
U13 – O 10.15am-11am 6.15pm-7pm
U14 – G 10.15am-11am 6.15pm-7pm
U14 – O 11.15am-12pm 7.15pm-8pm
U15 – O 12.15pm-1pm 7.15pm-8pm
U16 – G 12.15pm-1pm 7.15pm-8pm
U16 – O 12.15pm-1pm 7.15pm-8pm
U18 – G 12.15pm-1pm 7.15pm-8pm
U18 – O 12.15pm-1pm 7.15pm-8pm

Location: Murranji Street, Hawker


Important points



COVID-19 Restrictions

The Grading Committee will monitor any changes to the COVID-19 restrictions and, for the best interests of players, adjust times and days if necessary. Updates will be provided via the Belsouth Facebook page.


The above schedule is subject to change. The Grading Committee will monitor the weather forecast and adjust times and days if necessary, for the best interests of players. Updates will be provided via the Belsouth Facebook page.


Players must arrive at the field 15 minutes before their session starts to check off attendance. Players are expected to attend every grading session for their age group. If a player cannot attend a session, you must advise the club at least one day prior via

What to bring

Shin guards are mandatory for all players. Players should bring plenty of water, sunscreen and wear a hat.


Please remain a respectful distance from the playing pitches to enable the grading coaches do their job and to allow your child to enjoy the sessions.